This page and other related content in links below is dedicated to the installation, configuration, maintenance and use of SharePoint.  Much of this information may pertain to multiple versions of SharePoint, either earlier or later.  If important, I’ll note that.

Developing Console Applications for On-Premise Deployments

Creating console applications that will help manage your on-premise SharePoint deployments is both a simple and practical solution.  I have developed a working environment that includes a test virtual machine, a test farm that almost duplicates every aspect of my production farm, and then the actual production farm.  On my test virtual machine I use Oracle VirtualBox and then build SharePoint Farms in appropriate versions to include SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.   I use these versions to test and deploy applications, test migrations, splits and upgrades.

In my current configurations, I generally have SharePoint Enterprise, SQL Server Management Studio, and Visual Studio.  Within Visual Studio I create a primary solution, and then create the basic Console Application C#.  Once created, I add the appropriate reference to the SharePoint.Administration dll and then change the Project to compile on any CPU.  These are the basic steps taken before beginning building code.

Sample Console Applications

There are some key references I have used in the past to build skills in this area and I have a significant library that I rely on when performing research.  I would recommend the following volumes.

Any problems with these samples should be directed to Teresa Ives.

Developing Web Applications for On-Premise Deployments