Finished The Research Paper

Well, really it was the sample research paper.  I took an English class, and the purpose of the class was to learn how to create and develop a research paper in accordance with APA standards.  It was not something that I had ever done before.  I understood the principals behind plagarism but did not realize that their was a whole system for dealing with the situation.  They also spent considerable time on how to research topics and identify fake source of information – a subject that is near and dear.  But frankly, I spent a whole lot of time digging into the mechanics of creating an abstract, thesis and introduction, literary review, research study, conclusion and references.

I also did my best to read the relevants books on preparing research papers.  I have to admit, the APA Publication is top notch considering the subject matter.  Sorry, it took me so long to get it.  The OWL website is an acceptable substitute, but it’s hard to replicate the APA Publication.

I submitted my research paper today.  I had conducted a small, very small study, regarding the effect of DRM on digital content consumption.  I learned a lot on the subject, so I might actually like to work on this research in real life.  We will see.  Also, I hope I get a good grade.

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