This has been a terrible month on so many levels.  I feel afraid for us, as a species.  We will find the way to get through this pandemic, but I really think this won’t be the last one I see.  My brother is just getting through with a very mild case of the disease, but as he puts it, the sickest he’s ever felt in his life, and he’s even suffered through denge.  It’s certainly no flu.

We are just now getting used to isolating at home.  I myself long for more thick socks to wear as it is still cold outside.   Thick socks, hot cocoa and television is offered up as comfort food.  I’m cleaning my home office, and starting to lay on a coat of paint.

I have been working in the garden and cleaning my beds – putting in lime and other amendments.  I’m getting my plants ready to go into their beds.  Cabbage, lettuce, strawberries, carrots, asparagus, onions, garlic, potatoes, leeks, brussel sprouts and tomatoes (although it might be a little early for these outside – perhaps in the greenhouse for another month).

We are keeping our trips into town to one or two trips a week.  I have been grocery shopping, but it’s getting hard to get everything in one stop because you can walk into a store and the shelves may be empty or not.  No toilet paper, no cleaning supplies, no dog food, no cat litter, no mayonnaise or chicken broth, very little cereal or cheese.  I guess it matters what time you get to the store, but there are no guarantees.

Steve finally went out with his mask and his gloves, we are both covered up and try to maintain social distancing.

I miss my grandchildren.

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