The SharePoint Fest and Susan Hanley

The SharePoint Fest and Susan Hanley

I attended two days of the SharePoint Fest this month in Seattle, and while I went for the tech information (for example managing o365 sharepoint site using powershell), I found the most value in the lectures provided by Susan Hanley, on the topic of governance and creating a dynamic modern sharepoint site.

Susan discussed governance and how to develop a great site, and she reviewed those topics in easy to understand language that you could apply to any time of web site development activity, not just SharePoint.  Susan shared lots of resources for what great pages look like, and what were examples of pages that did not quite make the grade with an overview of why these pages had shortcomings.

Key points she introduced:

  • What to do with a Home Page.
  • How to use the Hero WebPart.
  • Use Page Templates for a Consistent Look.

She is frequently a guest at the SharePoint Fests across the world.  if you have a chance to view her lectures, check her out.

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